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Well known in the Youngstown area, Blue Siren is a cover band from Northeast Ohio ready to rock any stage. They play seven decades of music, including rock, pop, and country.  They are known for their strong female vocals, excellent sound mixing, and fun performances. There's only one rule: Blue Siren has no rules!

The five primary members of Blue Siren

From left to right: Danny Shapira, Samantha Hudzik, Rick Seidle, Jen Carey, Jamie Barnes

Blue Siren consists of:

Samantha Hudzik - Lead Vocals

Samantha Hudzik, lead vocals

Jen Carey - Vocals, Bass and Drums

Jen Carey, bass, drums and vocals

Rick Seidle- Guitar and Vocals

Rick Seidle, guitar and vocals

Danny Shapira - Keys

Danny Shapira, keys

Jamie Barnes - Drums and Bass

Jamie Barnes, drums and bass

Shawn Harford - Drums

Shawn Harford, drums

Tommy Ciavarella - Sound, Bass and Vocals

Tommy Ciavarella, sound, bass and vocals
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